PriMa Care is the cosmeceutical line based on CBD in nanoparticles created to offer innovative cosmetic remedies with high bioavailability.
The line is composed of solutions for topical use (creams) and for internal use (supplements) designed to ensure the total and natural harmony of the organism.
Inside and outside.

In fact, PriMa Care is inspired by an integrated and functional concept of well-being that creates a perfect symbiosis between body and psyche, inside and outside, nature and cutting-edge technology.

The strengths of PriMa Care


CBD is a derivative of cannabis sativa without psychoactive effects with multiple benefits for the human body and obviously for the skin. All the remedies of the PriMa Care Line are based on CBD in nanoparticles which acts as a support for the skin’s natural defenses and as an extraordinary anti-aging, regenerating and muscle relaxant “tool”


Cosmeceutics is the area in which specific products are included which, although performing a purely cosmetic function, contain high concentrations of active ingredients capable of penetrating well and better into the body. PriMa Care is characterized as an innovative cosmeceutical line and currently unparalleled on the market.


Bioavailability is the degree of absorption of an active ingredient in our body. Many CBD remedies on the market have a low bioavailability unlike PriMa Care products which instead have a high degree of skin penetration (400% higher than other topical solutions) thanks to the use of nanoparticles.


Nanoparticles: very small particles that PriMa Care uses as highly effective “vehicles” (carriers) to let the benefits of CBD penetrate the skin and body. The small size allows you to reach the narrow spaces between the body cells without obstacles and more quickly, fully releasing the active ingredients of CBD.

“CBD is a real elixir of well-being and beauty, a treasure trove of functional benefits for various needs that we should all benefit from”

Joseph Cannillo

Scientific Director of PriMa Care, researcher and professor of cosmeceutics and phytotherapy