9 December 20200

Cannabiodiol: the molecule with slow-aging effects

Our skin also has an age, it can prove it or not. It all depends on how much and how we take care of it. CBD represents the evolution of treatments for long-lived, healthy and radiant skin. IUVÈNA is the CBD nanoparticle-based cream that brightens the skin of the face, neck and décolleté with fresh vitality and does so by acting in depth and with long-lasting effects. This is thanks to the exclusive combination of cannabidiol, spilanthol, CoQ10 and other precious natural active substances: the signs of aging are visibly attenuated and slowed down, damage from oxidative stress is effectively counteracted. The nanoparticles allow to penetrate the skin barrier: the active ingredients reach the deep layers of the skin which is stimulated and renewed; day after day the skin gains tone, brightness and firmness.

Each application of IUVÈNA is a revolutionary injection of youth for the skin.

The anti-aging action is integral and profound: stimulation of the collagen network, protection of epidermal homeostasis, botox-like effect, filler and reactivator.

IUVÈNA : the cosmeceutical revolution based on CBD and natural extracts in nanoparticles.

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